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​"Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or just a fascinating and likable guy to introduce to your group or organization, I can assure you Juan Carlos - and the stories he has to share will keep everyone captivated!"  Kathleen J. - Events Coordinator

Juan Carlos.  The man with stories to share - stories that reach far beyond his love and passion for good cigars.

Born into a privileged family in Cuba, life took a dramatic turn, when he, along with his sister at the age of 7 were put on a plane to the U.S. after his father began to fear for their safety when things turned disruptive and began to unravel under the new Castro regime.  At the time, what he thought was going to be a few weeks away, turned into a long 7 1/2 year separation from his parents before they were able to make their journey out of Cuba and be reunited as a family again.​

The comforts of a carefree childhood as he knew it ended abruptly when he and his sister found themselves living in unfamiliar surroundings with an aunt, who like them, arrived in the United States with little more than the clothes they were wearing, no money and no understanding of the English language.  But determine to survive and rise above, Juan Carlos became innovative in his endeavors as a young child to help support the three of them.

This same determination continued as he went on to earn his PhD in Marine Sciences, as well as Bachelor & Master degrees in Zoology and Mathematics.  As a marine biologist, Juan Carlos spent a good portion of his early career conducting whale and marine mammal research and rescue in the North Atlantic and waters of the Caribbean, where he lead the first recorded expedition of the humpback whale population in the northern waters of the Dominican Republic.​

With a love for teaching, he also spent thirty plus years of his career in the classrooms of colleges and universities, ridding students of math anxiety; and co-authored two college text books introducing students to a more simplified approach to Algebra.

His love for travel & exploration has taken him to many far away places around the globe, and his love for cigars and the art of smoking them, gave reason to producing his very own line.​

His father Juanito often told him, "It is better to be rich and not famous, than to be famous and not rich."  Juan Carlos has lived a very rich life - of which each of his cigars are christened with names that encompass his many life's experiences.​

Over the years, Juan Carlos has been an invited guest speaker and instructor for several different organizations & venues including:​

Steinhart Aquarium  - San Francisco

Art Museum - Ponce, Puerto Rico

University of MA / Amherst

Baystate Medical - Springfield, MA​

Museum of Natural Science - D.R.

​​Arizona State University

OSHER - University of South Carolina

   Beaufort - Bluffton and Hilton Head Campuses

Santa Elena History Center

Men's Club Organization of Oldfield, South Carolina

Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club

Beaufort Power & Sail Squadron

Spring Island Community of South Carolina

Hampton Lakes of Bluffton, SC

Bray's Island Community of South Carolina

Southern Living Community of Habersham - South Carolina





To book Juan Carlos for your next event, contact him personally at or by phone 843.812.9933

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