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juanito's premium cuban seed cigars

"Ahh, if only I had brought a cigar with me!  This would establish my indentity." - Charles Dickens

 Contact me personally for wholesale prices and private label information.

Juanito's - Our Flagship Cigar

Named for the man I admire most in my life - my father.  Not only was he a true gentleman in every sense of the word, but highly respected for his integrity, strong business sense and loyalty to friends

and colleagues alike. 

This one's for you Pa!  

Sold in bundles of 25

Coronita  38 x 5"

Corona  43 x 6"

Robusto  50 x 5"

Churchill  48 x 7"

Torpedo  52 x 6"

Premium Long Filler

FILLER:  Cuban Seed - Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano / Santo Domingo / Habano

BINDER: Indonesia        WRAPPER: Connecticut


A perfect medium-bodied smoke ... smooth & well-balanced.


Nothing I find more tranquil than lying on a hammock underneath a swaying palm - feeling the ocean breeze while smoking a great cigar!  A perfect choice to unwind and relax with ... anywhere ... anytime!


FILLER:  Cuban Seed - Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano / Santo Domingo / Habano

BINDER:  Indonesia          WRAPPER:  Honduran/Connecticut


Sometimes referred to as the Cuban Sandwich. 

You will find our Palmeras to be our most mild smoke.



Sold in bundles of 25

             Corona  46 x 6"

              Robusto  48 x 5"

Short Filler


Long Filler / Deflorado Wrapper

Pronounced 'way' and named for the city in which I was born,

Camagüey, Cuba.​

​ ​ The year was 1959 when my father brought one of the last new vehicles into Cuba before the revolution broke.  It was a sleek, black & white Chevrolet Impala with red leather interior.  He loved his car - and soon discovered it also held the admiration of someone els​e when one day he found it missing from his garage.

That evening while watching the news on television - there it was, being driven down the street by none other than Fidel Castro himself, with two body guards following closely behind! 

The car had been stolen from the garage and mysteriously reappeared three weeks later,damaged nearly beyond repair.

Just as my father's '59 Chevrolet Impala was a rare and admired car in Cuba, so is the Desflorado wrapper used to make this fine cigar.

Thus, I dedicate our GÜEY line of cigars to what was once a great city - the memories of a beautiful car, and one of the many favorite stories told by

my father before his passing.​ 


Filler:   Habano (Nicaragua) & Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

Binder: Sumatra    Wrapper: Ecuador Desflorado - Natural

"Desflorado" tobacco, is difficult and laborious to pick, which brings reason as to why cigars that use this finicky leaf can be hard to come by.  The buds on

these plants are cut off before they flower to give the tobacco

“an extra rich and mildly spicy taste.”

Sold in bundles of 25

​Petite Robusto   50 x 4”

Torpedo Corto    50 x 5”

Toro   50 x 6”

Churchill   50 x 7”

Gordo  60 x 6"


“You can take the Cuban out of his country ... but you will never take the Cuban out of this guy! Juan Carlos and his cigars, my friends, are the real deal!”  


                                                                        - Lifelong Friend, Vincent Yacavone

This Maduro, full bodied smoke remains a testament to a country I will forever love for the culture, beauty and bond of family I was born into. 


Filler:  Cuban Seed - Ligero / Nicaragua / Santo Domingo / Habano

Binder: Honduras    Wrapper: Brasil

A rich, full-bodied well balanced smoke

Sold in bundles of 25

Robusto 50 x 5”

Toro 50 x 6”

Churchill    50 x 7”

Torpedo    52 x 6”


 4/19 Vitola Cubana
An Extraordinary Cigar & My Very Personal Favorite!

4/19 - A date embedded into my memory forever.  The date I was exiled out of Cuba. The date I celebrate every year with great gusto!  

 Special occasion or not - I guarantee you’ll love this most distinguishable smoke!   


Special Anniversary Edition

Filler:  Blend of Four Aged Tobaccos: Cuban seed, Habano (Nicaragua / Honduras), Olor (Cibao Valley) & Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

Binder:  de Olor / Dominican Republic  Wrapper:  Connecticut Shade / Ecuador - Natural

A medium to full body smoke ... guaranteed to take you to heaven and back!

Sold in bundles of 25

and boxes of 15


Robusto  50 x 5"

Cuban Corona  43 x 6.75"

Toro  50 x 6"

Torpedo  52 x 6"

Tobacco aged for five years

 Red Stiletto

A Novelty to Some ...

A Serious Smoke for Others

Ideal for


Bachlorette Parties

Golf Outings


Girl's Weekend Get-aways


or shared with a nice bottle of vino

with that special someone

who just might be

'man enough to join you!'


                Pronounced:  gah-YAY-go

My family's roots on my father's side were nestled into the Galician region of Northwest Spain.  Just as Latinos often refer to American citizens as Gringos - as an endearment for my father, I often times referred to him as Gallego - meaning a Spaniard from that region.


He was also a man who enjoyed watching a good bullfight -

especially while puffing on an excellent cigar!

· Habano Reserve Wrapper - aged since 2003

· 100% Cuban Seed Filler

   · Medium to Full

· Premium Cigar with a white ash

& well balanced taste

52 x 6" Torpedo


Sold in Bundles of 25 or Boxes of 10


Pronounced: bahl-lyay’-nah

Although it has been a number of years since I spent time out in the ocean waters with these magnificant creatures -

my memories as a Marine Biologist and conducting

research & rescue of the Ballena (whale) population

will live within me forever.


You will find my Ballena cigars to echo their grandeur. 

An earthy cigar, big & bold in flavor

with an excellent draw.


Filler:   100% Cuban Seed / Dominican

                                          Binder: Dominican    Wrapper: Corojo

Corona 42 x 5 ½” 

Robusto 50 X 5”

Perfecto 51 X 5”

Toro 52 x 6”

Churchill 50 x 7½” 

Torpedo 52 x 6” 

Corona Gorda 60 X 6”


Sold in Packs of 25




A large percentage of our business includes producing private label cigars for our clients.  Most recently we entered into a partnership with Liberty Cigar Company, and are now the exclusive producer of the signature cigar series for both The White House and George Washington's Mount Vernon.  

In addition, we create private labels for the manufacturing industry, country clubs, financial institutions, casinos, car dealerships, weddings, celebratory gifts, etc.

Contact me personally, and I will work with you to create your own private label from a portfolio of cigars you will be most proud to have your name associated with!

Phone: 843.812.9933



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