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"You can take the Cuban out of his country -

but you will never take the Cuban out of

this guy!  Juan Carlos and his cigars,

my friends, are the real deal!"

Vincent Y. - ​​​Hampden, MA​​​​​​​

"I've spent years smoking some of the most expensive and notorious cigars available,

and can honestly tell you none compare

to the quality & pleasure of smoking a

Juanito's 4/19 Cuban Corona." 

​Jerry B. - Paradise Valley, AZ

  After smoking Juanito's cigars, I don't wish to smoke anything else!  Juan Carlos'  

GÜEY with the rare Desflorado wrapper happen to be a personal favorite of mine.​

Bower Y. - Phoenix, AZ

​​​​"Our golfers love Juanito's, and 

the Churchill cigar is every golfers go to favorite!

Callawassie Island Golf Club -

Callawassie Island, South Carolina


"While working in Dubai I had access to smoking a number of very expensive, authentic Cuban cigars - but after discovering Juanito's, I can confidently say, they don't hold a candle to his - especially that

4/19 anniversary cigar he has!  ​

On a scale of one to ten - it's a 20! "

Peter K. - Brunswick, GA


​"We feature Juanito's Cigars exclusively -  and are most pleased with the personal service he provides and and great feedback we get from our customers. You'll be hardpressed to find a finer cigar anywhere!

 Bomboras Grill - Hilton Head, SC

"Not only does Juan Carlos have a great product, but he is a pleasure to know and do business with. 

A Cuban with impeccable taste whose producing some of the finest cigars on the market today!" 

​​Jaime / The Cigar Lounge, Chandler, AZ


"Juan Carlos approached us with putting our private label on his cigars to give as gifts to our clients.  We couldn't be more pleased with the reception they receive - to the point that calls are coming in to find out where they can purchase more - and at the same time giving us repeat orders for our products as well!  A true win-win!"

John D. - Venice, FL

"I appreciate doing business with a man of Juan Carlos' integrity.  He's someone I can always count on - and the prices for the quality cigar he produces cannot be matched!" 

​​Don F. - Fort Worth, TX

I have always been partial to Montecristo cigars, but since discovering Juanito's 4/19, they have taken a back seat.  Juan Carlos' cigars are most definitely some of the finest I've ever smoked!

Alex H. - Beaufort, SC




Compared to - and often times proclaimed by cigar aficionados to be superior to the prestigious brands of Arturo Fuete, Ashton,

Davidoff, Montecristo & Padrón,

but without the prestigious brand prices!




From our boutique cigar factory located in the

Dominican Republic, we have been producing

premium Cuban seed cigars both for the trade &

private label customers since 1997.


With an office & distribution center located

in the U.S. to better serve our customers and

assure​ prompt & convenient delivery,

an impeccable reputation for offering our clients exceptional quality, attractive pricing and

outstanding personal customer service,

       it is our hope that we too can earn your business.

"My love for cigars began back in my homeland of Cuba

when I managed to sneek my first puff at the ​​

age of five - 59 years later I'm happy to say,

the love affair is still going strong!"

"It has never been my intention or desire to be one of the largest cigar manufacturers", states Juanito's Cigarros owner, Juan Carlos Jiménez,

"just one of the best! ​

Efforts at our factory are focused on assuring our customers a genuine quality product; one we are able to offer at a very competitive price, due to the fact that we have elected to keep the insurmountable expenses that go into packaging and huge advertising budgets to a minimum.

We are dedicated to servicing our clients and providing them an exceptional product at an exceptional price, and are honored to be a

sought after source for both our Juanito's and private label cigars,

which surmounts to a large percentage of our wholesale business."

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